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Another scandal – this time incident with K’Andre.

Another racism incident with famous hockey player
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Several days ago, the Rangers introduced K’Andre Miller to the fans by a video call. This led to the incident – the comment section of the video chat was filled with racist insults. An unknown person has repeatedly sent chat messages consisting of the repeated word “NIGGER”.

The Hockey League issued an official statement condemning the actions of the unknown. The report said that a person committing such acts is not a true fan of ice sports. In today’s world, such behavior is unacceptable. The league will not allow such a mockery of their players. The statement also made reference that they have the full support of the hockey club. The Rangers immediately shut off the chat and investigated the situation. The club then issued an official press release regarding the incident, saying that the chat of the video conference had been hacked. However, it is unclear whether a hacking attack took place, or whether it was arranged by one of the fans who accessed the link.

Rangers defenseman, Jacob Trouba, has already commented on this situation.

“K’Andre Miller, we are glad to see you on Rangers. I look forward to when I have the opportunity to play with you, ” Trouba tweeted.

Remember that racism-related scandals still take place in the NHL. Calgary dismissed head coach Bill Peters. One of the players on the team, hockey player Yakim Aliu, accused the Canadian coach of racism. He said that ten years ago, the coach insulted him in training, and wanted to send the forward to the club of the lower league.

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