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Cases of racism in the NHL.

racism in the NHL
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Today, we will remember cases of NHL racism and the pain they caused.

Let’s start with a situation which happened ten years ago and was connected with racism in the NHL. Former Calgary player Akim Aliu accused his coach of repeatedly insulting him because of the color of his skin.

Aliu shared his memories of the time when his coach was Peters. He believes that he constantly insulted him because of his skin color. One day there was an incident in the locker room, which was witnessed by other players. When Aliu turned on the music, Peters said: “‘I’m sick of hearing this n****s f*** other n*****s in the a** stuff.” Aliu’s accusations are confirmed by two of his teammates – Simon Pepin and Peter MacArthur, who witnessed the conflict. The NHL fired Bill Peters from the position of coach for such remarks.

You may have never seen the Coach’s Corner program in its 37 years of existence, but you’ve heard about Don Cherry for sure: this cheerful 85-year-old grandfather in colorful jackets is the most famous hockey expert in the world. Don Cherry always says what he thinks – even if it goes against the opinion of the majority. Sometimes it sounds rude, sometimes it sounds like a provocation – but he’s so used to it, without it Cherry would no longer be interesting. Don has many haters, he has offended hockey players hundreds of thousands of times. But in 2019, he finally finished.

In one issue of the Coach’s Corner – before Remembrance Day – Cherry spoke about immigrants who, in his opinion, did not honor the memorable date. If you look at his story, Cherry insulted people for decades as part of Hockey Night In Canada. In his speeches, he limited the rights of Europeans and French Canadians. Players with concussions – “mentally retarded.” People who ride bicycles are “pink”.

It is not the first time that Don Cherry has spoken approvingly about racism and xenophobia in the air. But this prank was his last. Two days after the incident, he was fired.

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane believes that there are often cases of racism in the NHL. He believes that in other sports there is constant talk of racial discrimination. And in hockey, where most players are white, this problem is easily ignored.

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Have you seen any cases of raсism in your life?

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