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Chris Pronger leaving the Florida Panthers.

Chris Pronger
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The NHL Hall of Famer Chris Pronger is no longer a part of the team he’s been with since 2017. The position of the senior advisor of hockey operations on the Panthers was the last that had a connection to the NHL. According to the statement made by the Partners, Chris is going to participate in building up his family‚Äôs travel business.


Pronger is a big-time defenseman that was a part of the NHL since 1993. He debuted in the 1993-1994 season as a player for the Hartford Whalers. During his more than 25-year career in the NHL, Chris has played for the Whalers, the St. Louis Blues, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Philadelphia Flyers with a total amount of 1167 games played.


Pronger hasn`t been formally playing since the 2011-2012 season. He still remained a part of the Flyers, but due to post-concussion syndrome and the problems with his right eye after being struck by Mikhail Grabowski stick in 2011, Chris was shut down for a season and never came back to the game.

Even though, Chris remained in charge of scouting and interviewing prospects till 2015 when he was traded to the Arizona Coyotes. His official retirement was a matter of time. He`s been an inactive player for 2 years until he officially retired as a player and applied to the Florida Panthers who he`s been with for the last 3 years.


The Panthers announced the breakup with Chris on July 8th. The team and its former executive have shown mutual respect by thanking one another for long-term and productive cooperation.

The Panthers thanked Chris and wished all the best to him and his family. Chris has also thanked the Viola family, Doug Cifu, Dale Tallon, and all of the staff with the Florida Panthers and wished them better and better performances in the future years.


The Hall of Famer Chris Pronger is not only a talented player. He managed to be an important part of the NHL even after he couldn`t play due to health issues. He`s now on his way to building up his successful family travel business and we can also wish him health and good luck.

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