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Competition in Minnesota. Who does not like sitting on the bench?

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In the first qualifying round of the Stanley Cup, Wilde will play with Vancouver. Minnesota goalkeeper Devan Dubnyk shared his thoughts on who will be the team’s starting goalkeeper in the playoffs and about competition within Minnesota in general.

“I don’t think the coaching staff is considering an option with three goalkeepers. Most likely, either I or Stalock will go on the ice first. I am extremely happy for Kähkönen, he demonstrates a phenomenal game. But still…”

When the season returns, Dubnyk wants to hear his name from the coaches. He promised to make every effort to become the player that the coaching staff can rely on. He stressed that Stalock played well at the end of the season. But he is not at all satisfied with the situation in which he will sit on the bench.

“The series will be short. And if the coaches will choose Stalock and something happens to him, I will always be ready to replace him, says Devan.

He added that hockey is a traumatic sport, so there may be different development scenarios in the playoffs. Neither he nor anyone else can imagine what could happen. In the situation with Kähkönen, he is very happy that there is a player in the team who can play at the level of Kaapo.

“You can always work with Kähkönen with pleasure and never feel uncomfortable. He is a very important resource for the team because he can join the game at any time. Hockey is an unpredictable game. No one can know what will happen next. Sometimes you can get just the bruises and bumps, miss one game, but that will be enough for someone to take your place, “Dubnyk said.

In Vancouver, goalkeepers play very well. This is a very good and trained team. Therefore, Dubnyk and Stalock have equal chances to get on the ice in the starting lineup. We wish Minnesota only victory no matter who defends the team’s goal!

Who would you like to see among the goalkeepers of Minnesota? Tell us in the comments.

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