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Despised NBA players.

Despised NBA players
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People say there’s a fine line between love and hatred. Despised NBA players are not usually unskilled or inefficient. On the contrary, they are mainly big players, who are being blinded by being in the spotlight for too long. Selfishness and lack of morality are two main things that foment such hatred towards them.

Cruel Bruce Bowen

Despised NBA players
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Our list starts with a guy who fully deserves a portion of hatred. And it’s all because of his villainy. Bowen is not only an elite Spurs defender but also one of the dirtiest players in the league. His rude defense moves always end up with the purposeful injuring a player from the opposite team. It has happened to Ray Allen, who was kicked in the back, Wally Szczerbiak, kicked right in the face, and Steve Nash, who was kicked in the groin. All Bruce`s accomplishments as a player have been completely eliminated by his vile and cranky stunts.

Divorced and hated

Despised NBA players
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If the previous example was just a weirdo, a portion of hatred towards this NBA player may not be understandable for some people. Kris Humphries was married to a reality show star Kim Kardashian for 72 days. Shortly after they broke up in 2011 there was nothing for Kris on the court but the endless booing. Of course, there were reasons to dislike Kris before those events, but rough hatred towards him looks like a form of the herd instinct aimed at bullying a controversial but yet talented player.

Bad decisions cost repute

Despised NBA players
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Decisions made by these two men have passed the dangerous line after which they could have forgotten about devotion and affection from their fans. The basketball legend LeBron James has signed a contract with Miami Heat in 2010. To say his Cleveland fans disliked it would be an understatement. They publicly burnt the number 23 Jerseys. His repute was severely damaged and never seemed to recover, the same as his successor`s. A title of “NBA ruiner” was transferred to Kevin Durant shortly after he joined Golden State Warriors in 2016 abandoning Oklahoma City Thunder, where he played since his debut in NBA in 2007.


By all accounts, the audience is very tough on the players, especially of the higher league. Reasons for hatred might be different, but it’s undeniable that savagery, selfishness, and disloyalty might cost the players not only their reputes but also the whole careers.

Do you dislike these actions of basketball players? Share your opinion with us.

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