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Top Three Teams With the Best Odds in the Play-Offs.

Top Three Teams
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Milwaukee Bucks

Top Three Teams
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The Bucks headed into the renewed season with a few major losses in the face of Bledsoe and Connaughton. Despite already training with the main team, the two players that previously tested positive for the coronavirus are not in their best shapes.

The team had begun its march with a confident 119-112 win against the Celtics but followed with an underwhelming loss to the Rockets. The score was 120-116, although the defense didn’t allow the opponent to go beyond a 39.6% shooting ratio.

Giannis Antetokounmpo shined in both games, reaching 36 points in both. It leads us to believe that his shape is top-tier despite the lengthy break. It might bring him the second consecutive MVP if he continues playing at this level. James Harden, in comparison, was shut down by the Bucks’ solid defense and only scored 24 points.

The Bucks currently have a 54-13 win-loss ratio, which is going to be very hard to contest.

Los Angeles Lakers

Top Three Teams
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Just like the Bucks, the Lakers didn’t start off with a bang, but they demonstrated that their focus on defense paid off. The stats from the first two games of the renewed season show a decrease in the opponent’s’ shooting ratio: 44.4% to 42.4%.

With 50-15 statistics, the Lakers still have a lot to work on. LeBron is a force to be reckoned with, but he’s only getting close to his best shape with an 18 point average so far.

The Lakers barely won against the Clippers thanks to an impressive solo by LeBron James, but the Raptors dominated the court – 107-92.

LA Clippers

Top Three Teams
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After losing a close game to the Lakers, the Clippers (currently 45-21) demolished the Pelicans 126-103. The team is not perfectly synced, but the firm pressure the likes of Leonard and George are putting on the opposing team definitely pays off.

The Clippers will be looking at an even better roster when Williams and Harrell return. It might not be enough to get to the first spot, but it sure looks like they don’t plan on giving up second any time soon.


So far, the best teams have all had a 1-1 start, which isn’t as flawless as one would anticipate. But singular defeats should be looked at from a broader perspective. The roster, the stats, and the players’ shape all have a major impact on how well a team will perform in the long run.

Which team are you betting on?

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