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How and Why Has Yoenis Céspedes Ended the Season?

Yoenis Céspedes
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An outfielder Yoenis Céspedes has ended his performance this season by refusing to participate in the competition because of “coronavirus fears”, but he did it strangely, creating an almost detective story. So how and why has Yoenis Céspedes ended the season?

Spy Adventure

It all began on Sunday afternoon when the club’s management unexpectedly made a statement that Céspedes disappeared. He did not show up at the Atlanta home ballpark.

News of his disappearance instantly spread through the media.

Soon, the Mets reported that they had no reason to believe that Céspedes` life and health were in danger. However, there was no explanation as to what was happening.

The situation was cleared up by the evening. Several reliable sources within the club have confirmed that Céspedes had twice come into conflict with the management of the club about the playing time provided to him. He believed that he was deliberately not included in the squad so that the baseball player could not fulfill the conditions specified in his contract, for which he was promised premiums.

Spontaneous Decision

On Saturday, Céspedes first went to sort things out with the manager. Apparently, at that moment, he decided to end the season. Then the player informed the agent that he was going home, packed his things in the morning, and silently left the team’s location.

Officially, Céspedes will miss the 2020 season due to recent coronavirus outbreaks. He also does it due to the dangerous comorbidities some of his relatives have. However, everyone understands that Céspedes was just offended by the fact that he was not put in the starting lineup.

All in all, there is no doubt that the baseball player will not play for the Mets in the future. Nevertheless, everything became clear about how and why Yoenis Céspedes ended the season.

Will the team become weaker without Céspedes?

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