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Financial issues of the NBA restart season.

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Despite a new flash of coronavirus in Florida, the NBA is not going to abandon plans to resume the season in the “bubble”, created at Disneyland in Orlando. And despite some disunity in its ranks, the NBA players’ union is ready to support these plans. All labor relations between the League and the players are governed by the Collective Agreement. It still operates today, despite the force majeure situation. Failure to resume the season will include a clause under which the NBA will be able to terminate the Agreement, and club owners – to declare a lockout, demanding to minimize losses from the cancellation of games and review the share of income that goes to players’ salaries. This worst-case scenario is not what the players and the League itself want. The League has already sent players a 100-page document regulating the resumption of the season. And the first thing the players and teams agreed on was, of course, financial issues. From the answers to these questions, we will begin to talk about the restart of the NBA season.

No one wants to get sick from the coronavirus. Therefore, players will be able to refuse to participate in the games without the appropriate financial sanctions in this case. That’s just a salary they will not receive.

For each missed match, the club will withhold 1.08% of the player’s salary – this percentage from the beginning is specified in the Collective Agreement in case of force majeure. The maximum number of matches (including playoffs) to miss will be 10.8% – 14, although some teams will play much more: in the regular season, each team invited in the “bubble” will have 8 more meetings, the finalists of the conferences will play more from 12 to 28 matches in the playoffs. A player with a salary of 25 million (conditional Giannis) will lose no more than 4 million, refusing to participate in the restart of the season.

For participating in games at Disney World, players will receive a daily payment ($ 134 per person, at least $ 5,500 per stay), with all costs within the “bubble” that will be covered separately. It turns out that the players of the finalist teams will earn an additional 13 thousand dollars each one – and this in addition to the standard playoff fund (last year, the players of “Toronto” shared more than 5 million).

But what if the plan with the “bubble” bursts like … a bubble?

The League now predicts a loss of at least one billion out of eight. At the lockout, the NBA losses will at least double. This means that players will lose more than a billion. This is a doomsday scenario for the NBA that no one (except some enthusiasts who dream of their League) wants. Therefore, the only way to keep basketball in an almost normal condition is to finish the season in a bubble, and then hold an intensive round of negotiations between the league and the union.

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