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Gritty – the Craziest Mascot in the NHL.

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Someday one should make a movie about this orange monster: being unloved from the day of its emergence even by fans and players, it has gone from a figure of ridicule to a crowd favorite. Thus, Gritty – the craziest mascot in the NHL.

Birth and First Difficulties

The Philadelphia Flyers have not had its mascot for a long time. The club management turned to David Raymond, who created Gritty. However, people did not like the mascot. For example, The Pittsburgh Penguins commented on the new rival on Twitter, “lol ok.” The Flyers’ answer blew up Twitter, “Sleep with one eye open, bird”. Under the post, there was also a cool GIF with Gritty.  Fans appreciated such a tricky move.


Finally, another Gritty`s tweet helped it to get into the status of great mascots. Gritty did his impression of Kim Kardashian, which collected more than 11 thousand retweets. A few days later, the mascot was already a guest in the Jimmy Fallon Show. At the end of 2018, Gritty had about 200 thousand followers.


In November 2019, a young fan named Brandon asked Gritty to take a picture with him. After the photo, the boy patted Gritty on the head, after which, according to his father, the mascot got furious and hit Brandon. A week later, the chiropractor diagnosed him with a bone bruise of the thoracic spine. The team’s internal investigation could not find witnesses to the event. After a legal procedure, all charges were dropped against the mascot.

Gritty Nowadays

Even during the quarantine period, Gritty continues to amuse his audience: home challenges collect millions of views on Twitter and Tik Tok.

The history of Gritty shows that even at the beginning, an unsuccessful and terrible mascot can become a hero if SMM service handles it properly. Thus, Gritty is, undoubtedly, the craziest mascot in the NHL.

Do you like the Gritty as a talisman for the NHL?

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