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How has a lumberjack become the Portland Timber’s mascot?

Portland Timber`s mascot
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In 1978, gardener Jim Serrill called the Portland CEO and asked permission to take a chainsaw to the grandstand. Now this man is known as a lumberjack who became the Portland Timber’s mascot.

A Man Who Started a Legend

Portland Timber`s mascot
Photo’s Source

Two axes on the logo influenced management’s approval of Jim`s idea. What other symbols should this team have?

However, the show did not last long in the stands – Jim was moved closer to the field and provided with an additional tool – a tree trunk.

After each goal of Portland, the lumberjack cut off a piece of it, which was then handed to the scorer after the game.  Timber Jim also demonstrated acrobatic skills. For example, he used to rappel from the roof of the stadium with a chainsaw and drum, climb onto a lamppost, and do backflips. Portland disappeared in 1981 when soccer lost popularity. However, the club was restored in 2001. After 20 years, Timber Jim became the Portland Timber’s mascot again.

Irreparable Loss and the Rest of the Story

Unfortunately, in 2004, Jim’s daughter died in a car crash. Before the next game, all the club`s soccer players laid flowers on a tree trunk and a chainsaw.  Jim stood in front of the stand and sang his daughter’s favorite song You Are My Sunshine. Since then, the spectators have been singing this song every 80 minutes for 16 years in memory of Hannah 16 years. Nevertheless, it seems that Timber Jim has never been the same after that loss. In 2008, he left the team. He became a volunteer caring for a garden in a church, helping benefactors. Besides, Jim even beat cancer.

Another lumberjack took his place. Joey Webber has been working as a mascot for 12 years. Sometimes Timber Jim watches Webber from the grandstand. In the 80th minute, his heart skips a beat as people begin to sing You Are My Sunshine again. Perhaps they will continue singing as long as Portland exists.

Portland Timber`s mascot
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What do you think about this interesting tradition? Do you know other traditions connected with football? Tell us in the comments.

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