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UFC Jacksonville: Teixeira’s Insane Beatdown of Smith.

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The UFC has been one of the sports that has taken the first step towards recovery in the midst of the pandemic. UFC 249 indulged fans with exciting fights, but it also brought great distraught. One of the events was the bout between Glover Teixeira and Anthony Smith, and the former was way, way stronger.

Dangerous Battle

It got to a point where the beatdown was hard to watch. Smith was looking promising in the first two rounds, but then the tables turned. Teixeira threw the first devastating punch, and then another, and another, until he knocked down Anthony Smith face-down to the ground.

The fourth round was just… heartbreaking. Teixeira didn’t give Smith a chance, turning his face into a swollen mass of skin and dark-red liquid. The fight ended with a TKO in the fifth round.

Why Didn’t Corner Stop the Fight?

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After Anthony Smith survived (and there’s no other way to put it) the fourth round, he told his corner that his teeth were falling out. Why on earth did the fight continue to the fifth round? It is a burning question that UFC enthusiasts all over the world want to hear an answer to.

I mean, did they even know they had a superpower called the white towel? It is specifically designed to give the corner an ability to save the fighter from injuries. 

Speaking of injuries, Smith broke his nose and an orbital bone (which is a cavity surrounding the eye). He has a cut under his eye, and two teeth are missing (real teeth: one in the front and one in the back).

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How Did the Pro Scene React? 

Needless to say, some fighters weren’t impressed with the corner’s inaction. The legendary Michael Bisping called the whole ordeal ‘sickening’, and others followed his example.

But not all. Conor McGregor had a different perspective, basically saying that losing teeth and getting hurt is part of a game: ‘They keep a big pint of milk cage side for any teeth that get knocked out mid-fight. What a game!’


Teixeira was certainly superior that night, but the fight was bloody gruesome. Who knows how many more teeth Smith might have lost had he not lost the fight in the fifth round? 

It’s quite disturbing to think that there aren’t any strict systems in place to protect the fighter when he is clearly incapable to defend himself – it’s all up to a subjective human decision whether to throw in the towel or not.

Do you think the corner was in the wrong? Or do you share McGregor’s opinion that it’s all part of the business? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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