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The mothers of hockey players dream of being LeBron’s managers

hockey players
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Today in our weekly section we will talk about how hockey players Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin joke off the ice.

Jamie Benn is not only the brightest player in the league, but he is also famous for his sense of humor. People with a good sense of humor post funny videos on YouTube, tease journalists during interviews and constantly play jokes on each other. But they do not stop there. In 2002, on Valentine’s Day, these friends called their mothers and played a joke with them. The hockey players said that they have had girlfriends for a long time and they want to finally get married. Mrs. Benn was surprised, she thought that her son did not have a romantic relationship with anyone.

hockey players
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The Mothers trusted their sons and almost agreed to give the family wedding rings. But the sportsmen at the end of the conversation had to admit that it was a joke. Mrs. Seguin was upset with her son’s behavior. But it turns out mothers also have a sense of humor.

On Mother’s Day, Heather and Jackie called their sons. And reported that they had completed online business courses. The mothers said that they wanted to make their long-held dream of becoming LeBron James’ manager come true. Neither of the hockey players believed it. Tyler laughed and said, 2:0 in my favor, Mom.

Tyler Seguin reaffirmed his good sense of humor when he set up a Twitter account for his dog Marshall. Well, not only James Harden’s beard is recognized, but also Seguin’s dog. And to maintain the popularity of the account, Tyler post not only photos of the dog but also his nude photos!

Is it worth noting that this makes the dog’s profile extremely popular among females? Tyler himself admits that this is a parody profile so that people can have fun watching the lives of his dogs. And the Dallas player was so fascinated by this idea that his profile has 3114 tweets. But of course, to catch up with Beard’s account, which has 21.7 thousand tweets, Seguin needs more photos of dogs or himself naked.

Were the hockey jokes funny to you? Who among athletes also likes to joke? Tell us in the comments.

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