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The roughest confrontations between players.

The roughest confrontations between players
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A huge amount of people all over the world tend to like soccer not only for its spectacular matches and overcrowded stadiums with their magnetic energy. There`s one special thing we like observing glued to our screens -the confrontations between players.  They hold an honored position in soccer history. Reasons for these confrontations differ, but the result is always the same – fans are excited and players are suffering sanctions for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Zinedine Zidane vs Marco Materazzi

The roughest confrontations between players
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This is one of the most well-known confrontations in soccer history. The devastating shot landed by Zinedine Zidane, but the award wasn`t so generous. Red card and the end of the career for the legendary Frenchman. The background was simple – there can only be one World Cup winner and weaker ones do not survive in there. Especially after a headbutt from Zidane.

Patrice Evra vs Luis Suarez

The roughest confrontations between players
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The confrontation between these two players shows us how damaging words can be in every possible way. After a slight conflict on the pitch, Suares called his opponent Evra a ‘negro’. It might have hurt Evra`s respect, but it surely hurt Suarez`s bank account not to mention his career. He was fined 43700 euros and was dismissed for eight games. And all of it is for the one word said under the influence of emotions.

John Terry vs Wayne Bridge

The roughest confrontations between players
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This list is replenished by another rash act ruining the life of former Chelsea captain John Terry. When he cheated on his wife with his friend`s wife, John not only lost a friend Wayne Bridge, but he also lost the respect of England. Not to mention, he has lost being captain. That is how one rush act can make you an enemy of thousands of former fans all over the world.


In conclusion, as we saw, confrontations between players can happen for many reasons. It can be the bout for the World Championship title. It might also be an inappropriate word or vileness naturally leading to the loss of respect and career.

What do you think about these conflicts? Whose action infuriates you the most? Write your opinion in the comments.

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