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In general, this is progress: The vice president of Baltimore discussed the season and spoke about plans for the next year.

The vice president of Baltimore
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The Baltimore Orioles Executive vice president and General Manager Mike Elias held a traditional press conference with reporters following the 2020 regular season. The meeting discussed both the results of the just-ended championship and the prospects for the next year. The main points were as follows:

  • In general, the 2020 season was perceived positively. Although the Orioles won only 25 victories in 60 games, this result is a step forward compared to last year. Naturally, no one calls it success, but progress is obvious.
  • Amid the financial instability caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Orioles will limit the cost of the composition. The payroll amount will depend on the income of the team and the attendance of the games in the next season.
  • Baltimore has no long-term, expensive guaranteed contracts, except for Chris Davis. Although many want Davis to be expelled, the slugger will remain on the team. The player has two more years left under the current contract, for which he is entitled to as much as $ 46 million.
  • Keeping Jose Iglesias on board will be a top priority for Baltimore. Iglesias’ contract includes a club option for just $ 3.5 million, and many believe the baseball player has done enough to turn an additional year into a guaranteed one.
  • Trey Mancini is expected to be healthy and the team will be waiting for him with open arms next spring at the pre-season training camp. In March, one of the team leaders had colon cancer removed and the baseball player had just completed chemotherapy. It is expected that Mancini will be able to fully prepare for the season in winter, as well that he will be completely recovered from his illness, both physically and mentally.
  • There is a shortage of qualified personnel within the organization, and this problem can be partially solved in the long term through the draft, the international free agents market, and exchanges. Pitchers and the infield area are an issue that the club will focus on this winter.

Which point do you mean the most important?

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