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Jordan Is Ahead of LeBron According to ESPN: What Are the Other Players’ Opinions about That?

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ESPN TV channel published the list of the best NBA players. The bronze went to Karim Abdul-Jabbar. In turn, Jordan is ahead of LeBron, according to ESPN, ranking first. That news has caused a lot of discussions. Let’s look at the opinions of the basketball players, and people related to the NBA.

Everything Will Become Apparent When You Look at Numbers

Kendrick Perkins, a former NBA player and now an NBA expert, believes that one needs to be guided by data, not emotions. In proof of his statement, he published the statistics of the last 3 finals of LeBron and Jordan. For Michael, they were successful, since the team won. However, James` team, on the contrary, lost. Nevertheless, LeBron’s results are better, despite the failures of the Lakers. That, according to Perkins, proves the leadership of James. “I am convinced, LeBron is better than Jordan,” he says.

LeBron`s Greatest Days Are Still Ahead

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The former coach of the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson, believes that LeBron`s greatest days are still ahead, and he may beat Michael Jordan’s records in the future. Nevertheless, according to him, both have different outlooks. “There were only two people who were ready to die on a basketball court – Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan”, Jackson sums up. He is convinced that LeBron will be even better than Jordan at the end of his career, but so far, he ranks behind the Legend.

I Do not Take Seriously the Rankings Where Kobe Bryant Is not in the Top 5

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Jamal Crawford, who won the NBA Sixth Man Award three times, has summarized the current news in such a way.  He questions the results, on the ground that they still have no significance, especially if they do not have a special place for Kobe. Meanwhile, Jordan is ahead of LeBron according to ESPN. Bryant ranks only ninth in that top list.

What do you think about this ranking? Who is better in your opinion?

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