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Our Favorite UFC Announcers and Why We Love Them.

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If you’ve ever talked to an audience for an extended amount of time, you understand just how complicated it is to keep people engaged, interested, and educated – all while not boring them to death. In this article, we will remind you and ourselves of the most exciting UFC announcers and why we think they are worthy of praise.

Pat Miletich

UFC Announcers
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A color commentator who brings his first-hand Octagon experience to the craft, Pat Miletich is a pleasure to listen to. He is a former MMA welterweight champion who later transitioned into coaching.

For example, UFC champions such as Matt Hughes and Tim Sylvia were trained under his wing. Upon deciding to take on the role of a commentator, he has already proven himself to be among the most universally capable guys in the UFC.

Mauro Ranallo

UFC Announcers
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Ranallo is a wonderful announcer who goes all-in every time he is invited to talk. His witty puns and fascinating references to pop-culture and wrestling rejuvenate the layers of the technical details and make the UFC fights feel spectacular and rich.

Although not liked by some, his style truly is something else. No wonder – he has been in the business of engaging audiences since he was 16, and the experienced wordsmithing is intertwined with his excitement for MMA.

Joe Rogan

UFC Announcers
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Joe is an exceptionally well-rounded guy. A successful TV host and a stand-up comedian who practices jiu-jitsu and has his own world-renowned podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Joe has been involved with the UFC since 1994.

Throughout the years, he has gained an in-depth understanding and a pure exhilaration for the Octagon, which he shares with the millions of fans whenever he announces a fight. Rogan is interesting to listen to: he easily transports you into the fight, explaining all the nuances in a way that makes you want to run to the training gym yourself.


The biggest part of being an announcer is being intrigued by what you are talking about- and having a unique personality to wrap that excitement up. The three casters we mentioned truly stand out for us as exemplary individuals when it comes to combining proficiency and knowledge, hard work, and a talent for the spoken word.

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Who is your favorite UFC announcer? Tell us in the comments.

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