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Popular soccer players infected by the coronavirus.

soccer players infected by the coronavirus

The Coronavirus has greatly affected all the spheres of our life. It didn`t pass by sports and particularly not soccer. COVID-19 outbreak started in March and has impacted the vast majority of soccer teams all around the world. To help prevent the spread of the contagion, leagues all around the world postponed events. The teams are isolating themselves because they all have at least a couple of soccer players infected.


soccer players infected by the coronavirus
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Christiano Ronaldo`s teammate Daniele Rugani tested positive for the coronavirus on the 12th of March. His pregnant girlfriend has been infected too. The couple has been put in quarantine; same as the whole Juventus team to prevent further infections. Both Rugani and his girlfriend had a mild case and went through the disease without any severe problems. Blaise Matuidi was one more Juve player infected by COVID-19. Same as Rugani, he had mild symptoms and recently reported a full recovery. Ronaldo not only supported his teammates and infected people all around the world but also donated a sum of 1 million euros for the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Another soccer legend, Lionel Messi, did the same.


soccer players infected by the coronavirus
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The coronavirus has affected both Serie A and the Premier League. Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive. The 19-year old superstar assured his fans that he`s going to be okay. He stuck to the rules of self-isolation and followed all the medical guidelines. Hudson-Odoi is now fully recovered from the virus.


soccer players infected by the coronavirus
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The first La Liga player to be confirmed as COVID-19 positive was Valencia defender Ezequiel Garay. Valencia confirmed that apart from Garay, five more players and staff members were infected along with former Manchester City defender Eliaquim Mangala. The team managers have informed the fans that all the infected persons were placed in quarantine, feel good, and are getting better.

Not only the players

soccer players infected by the coronavirus
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In this situation, the soccer society didn’t get off easily. Former Real president Lorenzo Sanz died on March 21st shortly after the coronavirus infection. It shows that we need to take the threat seriously and not only look after ourselves but also protect the elder family members who are more vulnerable to COVID-19.


The spread of COVID-19 had a major impact on soccer. Most of the events were postponed until further notice. UEFA Champions League 2020 has now become Champions League 2020. The virus also had an impact on the teams. Statistics for the last few months show that  15 professional soccer players and 20 staff and managers tested positive for the coronavirus. 

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