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Why Darren McCarty is offended by Coach Babcock.

Darren McCarty
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Four-time Stanley Cup winner, former Detroit forward Darren McCarthy shared his thoughts on former club Head Coach Mike Babcock.

“Scotty Bowman always had trust because he was respected. But I can’t say that about Babcock. This is the most selfish person I have ever met. I don’t understand this because I played with a lot of Hall of Fame members. Guys who might be so selfish don’t do that, but you do. I don’t respect that, “McCarty said in the Locked On Red Wings Podcast.

Earlier, McCarty repeatedly criticized the former coach and his professional qualities. He remembers that the atmosphere in the team changed when he returned to Detroit. Only the support of the players remained unchanged.

According to the hockey player, the win of the Stanley Cup is due not to the coach, but the professionalism shown by the players. And the fact that in 2009 the team did not win, it was Babcock’s fault. “He misused Datsyuk and Zetterberg because he was stubborn. He forced them to work to the point of losing their pulse to prove their point. That was his way. “

At the same time, McCarty agrees that the former Detroit coach is better than his colleagues in preparation for the game and training. But his personal qualities override his achievements. “And it wasn’t just with Franzen and Chelios. It doesn’t matter who you are. His goal could be a person who takes out the garbage because he doesn’t do it properly or something. ” – Darren comments on the coach’s behavior.

“It’s a matter of respect. The bottom line is that you need to be kind and not be stupid. Babcock can’t do these two things, “McCarty said.

This subjective criticism from the player did not prevent Babcock from entering the “Super Sixteen”. In the ranking of TOP-16 coaches for the last 53 years, published by the NHL on the official website, Mike Babcock took seventh place.

Do you agree with McCarty? How do you feel about Babcock? Write your opinion in the comments.

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