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Keeping a Safe Distance when Communicating, a Ban on the Exchange of Jerseys. NFL Introduces New Restrictions.

Ban on the Exchange of Jerseys
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The NFL and the NFL Players Association continue negotiating a new season that could take place despite of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps, the NFL intends to prevent possible contagion by keeping a safe distance when communicating and imposing a ban on the exchange of jerseys.

An Example of the Way the NFL Management Thinks

According to NFL Network columnist Tom Pelissero, all 32 league teams received an updated protocol on matchday on Wednesday. By the way, there is a ban on exchanging equipment. Also, the athletes must not communicate after the game, if the distance from one football player to another is less than six feet. It bears reminding that players exchange things all the time, leaving autographs in memory as a sign of respect for the rival. Now they will have to do without hugs and pats on the shoulder.

Some players have already responded to this innovation. The cornerback of The San Francisco 49ers, Richard Sherman, described it as “a perfect laconic example of the way the NFL management thinks because the players are expected to play side-by-side and do it safely, but, at the same time, they cannot change jerseys after matches.”

Journalists and Fans Are Also Expected to Obey 

In the new version of the protocol, according to Pelissero, there is a restriction for fans. Accordingly, they cannot enter the field. Journalists, in turn, are also banned from visiting locker rooms.

 Besides, it is prescribed that both teams must get to the stadium on the day of the game on club buses, and not by personal means of transport. According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, except for keeping the safe distance when communicating and a ban on the exchange of jerseys, in the 2020 seasons, everyone out on the field will need to wear medical masks. However, it is not for players and coaches, who may not use it.

If these rules will help? What do you think?

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