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Three Bundesliga Stars Who Might Transfer to the Premier League This Summer.

Transfer to the Premier League
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Stadiums are empty but games are being played. The Premier League has recovered from the lengthy downtime and is ready to tread the waters of the hectic transfer season. The current goal, it seems, is to acquire some of Bundesliga’s most prominent players.

Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund – Manchester United)

Transfer to the Premier League
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Sancho went to Germany at the young age of 17 when Manchester City decided to part ways with the young talent for what is rumored to be an £8 million fee. Jadon’s career in Dortmund started with the first-team right away, and it’s only been uphill from there.

This year alone, the 20-year-old midfielder earned a place in the top three goal-wise, boasting 17 goals and complementing it with 16 assists. The Premier League noticed, and now Manchester United is on their way to signing the player back to England.

The club refused to offer more than £50 million for Sancho, which spawned some theories where Liverpool or Manchester City takes the initiative and signs Jadon for a substantial sum of money. 

But despite interests from Guardiola and Klopp, the Devils are pursuing the deal as one of their priorities. August 10 is the final date for decisions set by Dortmund, by which time everyone will know whether or not Jadon will be wearing red next season.

What about Kai Havertz and Thiago Alcantara? You can find out here.

Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen – Chelsea)

Transfer to the Premier League
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Havertz’s midfield game has proven to be an effective asset for Leverkusen. With 17 assists and nine goals, Kai is already a Bundesliga star at the young age of 21. 

Havertz’s offensive playstyle is desired by the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, but it’s Chelsea that seems to be the most likely candidate to sign him. 

The player is aiming at England, too, so it might be just a matter of time before Chelsea sells the likes of Alonso and Batshuayi in order to match Leverkusen’s valuation of £89.5 million. 

Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich – Liverpool)

Transfer to the Premier League
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While not as young as the first two entries in our list, Thiago Alcantara is still one of the best playmakers in the world right now. At 29, he is currently at the peak of his career.

He isn’t eager to re-sign with Bayern, even after being a part of seven consecutive Bundesliga championships, so the prospects are open.

Many will deem it unlikely that Liverpool, with its rich roster of midfielders, will be interested in signing Alcantara, but a £31 million offer is rumored as the Reds prepare for defending the title next season.


England and Germany seem to have a certain kind of connection – a similar set of sentiments regarding soccer, if you may. It may be the reason why many players show such specific preferences. 

But one thing we know for sure. By having players circulate in and out, the leagues infuse new blood into each other and make the competition challenging and exciting.

Where do you want to see these football players?

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