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Kevin Durant Invests in startups in Silicon Valley with an income of 400%.

Kevin Durant Invests in startups in Silicon Valley with an income of 400%.
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We continue our weekly rubric on the income of famous NBA basketball players. Last time it was Gold Steph Curry. Today is Kevin Durant’s turn. During his professional career, Kevin Durant, one of the highest-paid basketball players in the world, can earn more than $ 500 million in the club contracts and advertising. That’s not enough: his goal is to become a billionaire and owner of his own NBA club. For this, Durant creates his business empire and invests in startups in Silicon Valley with an income of 400%.

Last summer, Durant signed a $ 164 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets and, before that, a $ 275 million sponsorship contract with Nike. With these contracts alone, he will earn more than $ 70 million this season without ever appearing on the field. Durant’s goal is to turn that income into an asset and earn wealth that Michael Jordan and LeBron James would envy.

Over the past few years, Durant has invested more than $ 15 million in 40+ startups. 70% of these companies increased their ratings during the next rounds. Durant says that it is a paper profit of more than 400%.

Of course, Durant does not always spend money deliberately. He has several purchases that confirm his star status.

Kevin has a huge jeep with TVs, an Xbox console, and a built-in bed. Plus, he owns a $ 128,000 Mercedes S63 AMG and Maybach, whose price he declined to name, though a similar car bought by Diddy’s rapper for his 16-year-old son cost $ 360,000. He is thinking of making some incredible purchase. For example, a yacht. Durant loves to dress stylishly. Kevin visits the elite Nordstrom store about every two weeks and spends $ 500-600.

In 2018, Kevin Durant was honored at the NBA Awards with a special award. He was noted as a person who is actively involved in charity and has helped a huge number of people. In many cities, he has opened sports grounds, invested money in the development of sports among young people, etc.

“My mom always told me money didn’t grow on a tree. And she’s right! I want to use the money I get from companies so that I have the opportunity to pass on my wealth to my children, ”says Durant.

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