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Cardinal changes. What awaits the Broncos attack in 2020?

Cardinal changes. What awaits the Broncos attack in 2020?
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After the release of Rich Skangarello, the previous coordinator of the Denver attack, Vic Fangio explained that in today’s game it is necessary to create explosive combinations and score points, despite the power of defense. Despite his defense specialization, he likes aggressive football. And who, like Fangio, knows, how much more difficult it is to defend against an attack that effectively stretches the field wide or vertical line – that is what Pat Shurmur should bring. So, what awaits the Broncos attack in 2020?

Cardinal changes! Formation with three receivers has become an exceptional priority. These are the numbers the Broncos fans can count on. And that’s why fullback Andy Janowicz was changed to Cleveland – the player did not get playing time, except for trick plays.

Spread offense.

Shurmur in the Broncos attack, of course, does not play student football. Its external hosts are located slightly deeper than the numbers. However, Shurmur plays a great deal with 11 personnel, maximizing the distance between goals, which is useful for any young passer who can easily read the situation  (fewer defenders around the receiver – less chance of throwing an interception).

Remote circuit and running backs.

The scheme that is common in Shurmur is the zone outside or zone blocks. Denver does not have the right staff to switch to power take-out. Of course, there will also be a zone take-out in the middle, wherewith sparse boxing (thanks to the spread) zones will appear.

Moving from blocking tight end games to catching ones.

For the past three years, Denver has been trying hard to make the tight end attack with a keen worth of use. But it ended with two blocking ends, hoping to launch a takeaway and throw them one or two assists per game. Now, the team has Noah Fant – who works at high speeds, including deep zones (in 2019 he became the league’s fifth-fastest after the catch; compared to Ingram, he became second).

Finally, it should be said that the conceptual focus of the Shurmur attack, designed for explosive combinations that allow one large SNAP to pass large sections of the field and a balanced approach, with an equally effective pass and take-away, remains unchanged.

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