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Less than a year has passed! Receiver Antonio Brown again announced the end of his career.

Antonio Brown
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The first time it happened was on September 22, 2019, when, two days after being expelled from the ranks of the Patriots, he tweeted a post about injustice in this world and that until he was returned the 40 million guaranteed by Oakland, he will not return to the NFL. The Raiders parted ways with Antonio Brown at the end of the preseason. The receiver was picked up by the Patriots, and took part in one game, but was soon expelled amid allegations of sexual harassment. Florida also filed three charges against Antonio about an attack that happened in January and led to the arrest of the player.

Brown got into a conflict with a truck driver who was transporting his stuff. He beat the driver. During the struggle, the driver received cuts and scratches from some keys. Antonio Brown, after the incident, locked himself in his home and refused to surrender to the police. Florida law enforcement issued a warrant for his arrest.

In the same month, agent Drew Rosenhouse ended his relationship with the 31-year-old player. On social media, Brown periodically attacked the NFL, individual teams, and players. For example, Juju Smith-Schuster and Derek Carr.

When the Buccaneers signed Tom Brady, rumors circulated that Brown, backed by Tampa’s new quarterback, might join the team. However, head coach Bruce Ariens ruled out this option.

And so Brown posted a new farewell post: “Today the risk is greater than the reward. Thanks to everyone who was part of my exciting journey. Thank you all, life goes on. Time to leave, I did everything I could in this game. ” At the end of the phrase, he put this set of punctuation marks:? !!

The money offered by interested teams (for example, Seattle) is symbolic relative to Brown’s usual contracts.

Do you want to see Brown in the game?

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