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The Easiest and Hardest Positions in American Football.

Positions in American Football
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Before we proceed with our list of the easiest and the hardest positions in American football, let’s make things clear. 

No position is easy. To succeed in any position, a player must possess a plethora of physical and mental abilities, as well as the discipline and long-term commitment to developing the necessary skills. 

Still, some positions are easier than others, be it mentally or physically. 

The Easiest Positions


Positions in American Football
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While you have to be a precise kicker and never lose the beat as a punter, there is no doubt that the position is among the easiest to play in. 

Punters join the game in low-pressure situations. They are rarely tackled, barely have enough time on the field to break a sweat, and the games usually don’t depend on their performance.


Positions in American Football
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Fullback is a demanding role, but the demand starts and ends at physicality. They block the opposing players from tackling their running back, but that’s about it. 

Neither strategy nor mental capacity impact fullbacks that much. Plus, the importance of a fullback in a team is also one of the lowest. Some franchises don’t have one.

The Hardest Positions


Positions in American Football
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Kickers don’t spend much time on the field, but when they do, it matters. They come in to perform field goals, and there’s no doubt that the pressure they’re facing is among the highest.

A missed goal can make the difference between a win and a loss, which is why a kicker is a hard position. Not physically, but psychologically.


Positions in American Football
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Quarterbacks are the centerpiece of every game. The precision it takes to throw a ball into a specific spot where a teammate is going to be in a few seconds is unprecedented. 

But the main difficulty of the position is the analytical thinking required to identify the state of the defense and pick the best out of a thousand possible decisions. 

With each snap, a quarterback receives the ball and gets to decide the outcome of it. Strategy, experience, creativity, mental resilience – everything matters. 

It’s the most important role, and certainly the most difficult one.


We’ve listed our picks for the easiest and the hardest American football positions.

What are yours? 

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What do you think?


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