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Major newsmakers of the League: the Browns, the Colts, and the Raiders.

the Browns
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Today we are going to talk about three teams: the Browns, the Colts, and the Raiders. The most influential newsmakers of the League who can arrange a firefight, like in a western. The survivor will  make the playoffs.

The Browns

the Browns
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Right now, the Browns look like a great team to cheer for, as they move the ball well, are capable of playing vertical football, and are 4-1 for the first time in a long time after five weeks. “Cleveland” (at this moment) looks like a team capable of reaching the playoffs.

Recently, Cleveland, in addition to a good game, has given rise to some rumors. There are constant rumors that one of the receivers has repeatedly asked the management to send him to another team. Then a scandal broke out involving the posh defensive player Myles Garrett. So the team has piqued interest in the public, not only in their game but also in backstage events.

The Colts

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In the pandemic season, “Indianapolis” really looks like a team that is capable of winning the division, and in the playoffs to impose a fight in two, or maybe three matches. The Colts are still in the process of finding their game, and everyone is very interested in watching for this.

 The recent experiment with Philip Rivers looks pretty good. When Rivers has a game, it is complicated to resist this team, which has a solid defense, that turns opponents into a boring simulator. The experts discuss the player’s potential, and the public favors Rivers.

The Raiders

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The experts’ attention has riveted on the Raiders. Everything about this team seems illogical, from the contract value of $ 100 million to a coach who hasn’t worked in his profession for many years. From moving to Las Vegas to giving up their home state to two LA teams, one of which doesn’t even have fans.

The public was surprised that Jon Gruden made some strange exchanges, after which the team lost: Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. And the work on the last draft, to put it mildly, puzzled analysts and fans of the team. Until now, the press writes about why the 12th common choice the leadership of “Las Vegas” decided to take Henry Ruggs from the University of Alabama, while Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb were still free. It looks like Jon Gruden is against all of America. Some of them have no chance.

Which team do you support the most?

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