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Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson – Will the Clash Happen in 2020?

Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson
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It’s a pity that one of the most anticipated fights in the recent UFC history has had such a hard time coming to fruition. The match between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson has been canceled five times already, and many are doubtful that it has a chance of happening in 2020 at all.

Current Situation

The clash between the two titans was initially planned to happen on April 18th. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, Khabib Nurmagomedov was forced to pull out of the fight. Specifically, he got stuck in Russia, where he was training for the fight, due to travel restrictions which were implemented as a reaction to the pandemic. 

Because of such uncertainty regarding the longevity of Khabib’s stay in Russia, UFC 249 has put Tony Ferguson against Justin Gaethje (22-2-0). The winner of that brawl is going to fight Khabib in the fall. 

Dana White

The president of the UFC does not have a very hopeful view of the future of this iconic bout. In his most recent Reddit AMA, he responded to one of the questions by saying that he is not very confident that it will happen this year. 

Without going into any further details, Dana White jokingly remarked that if they attempt to organize it again, something will happen again and break the plans. It seems like even the boss himself worries that the fight might be cursed.


Despite the frustration of the fans, there is a good side to it as well. As Khabib Nurmagomedov mentioned in his Instagram, the training for the fight with Ferguson was “the best training camp”. 

It is safe to assume that Ferguson has made an effort to remain in superb shape as well. Thus, regardless of whom the two stars will fight in the near future, we are destined to see some exceptional matches.

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