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Who’s cooler this season: Barkley or Elliott?

Barkley or Elliott
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Two major screws in the game of their teams – Sakquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott. Two opponents playing position. “I am the best! ” Elliott says. Today we will tell you if that is true. So who is cooler this season?

Money is a measure of success.

If money is a test for success, Ziki Elliott is more successful. And he is more successful than not only  Barkley, but also for many players. Last year, Elliott became the highest-paid player in the league, signing a six-year $ 90 million contract with Dallas. However, to get this, he had to strike.

Who’s cooler in the game?

Elliott started the season in which he led the league (for the second time in three years). His 1,434 yards in 15 games outperformed Barkley’s 1307 yards in 16. Barkley, meanwhile, had the league’s most all-purpose yards (2028), and Elliott was (2,001) just behind him. Last year, Elliott (17 carries, 78 yards) won the battle of the Giants. Barkley was limited to 11 carries just 28 yards against the Cowboys’ stifling defensive front.

Statistics you need to know.

Ziki made 21 kits in action-packed action, the second-highest among all running in 2018. The whole point is how the Cowboys play out the screens. During the phenomenal debut season, the second pick of the 2018 Draft scored 1307 yards and 11 touchdowns in 261 attempts. That equals 5 yards per attempt on average, which turned out to be the tenth best score among NFL running backs.

We talked about other players’ game scores here (link    The Most Intriguing Players of the 2020 Draft)

Editors’ Choice.

Of course, the confrontation between the two running backs is only gaining momentum. But our editorial staff has already decided that Zikki Elliott is the coolest running back in the league. We like the Dallas style of showing the quarterbacks in the wrong direction. This frees up space for Elliott. Zikki – at the right speed and power – it is very difficult to stop on the chest. Here is an example of how the running back made a profit in this situation against Lyons last season. Do you agree with us? Let’s vote in the comments: Barkley vs. Elliot. And then we will publish your decision. 

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