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5 Unique Members of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

the Basketball Hall of Fame.
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We are used to associating basketball with its players. Nevertheless, in the Basketball Hall of Fame, there is a particularly interesting category named “contributors”.  Let us take a look at 5 unique members of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

William G. Mokray

The Hall of Fame is a source of basketball history. Thus, who, if not basketball historian William G. Mokray, should be among the members of the Hall? Mokray published articles in the famous Converse basketball yearbook. Besides, thanks to him, the history of basketball until the founding of the NBA was not forgotten.

Larry Fleischer

Larry Fleischer was a sports agent. Also, thanks to Fleischer a players’ union was formed in 1954. Players got rights to retirement, guaranteed salaries, insurance, and so on. Moreover, he also played a huge role in the merge of the NBA and the ABA in 1976.

Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor was a shoe seller. In 1922, he got a job at Converse and played for the company’s basketball team. He visited local shops and advertised the new model of the most comfortable basketball shoes. Subsequently, hundreds of thousands of basketball players across the country wore these shoes.

Senda Berenson

She is considered to be the Mother of Basketball. Senda invented her own version of the game, adapted for women. The rules of the game were a little bit different. However, no one plays this game today. Nevertheless, Senda Berenson is rightfully included in our today`s list of 5 unique members of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Tex Winter

He used to be a basketball coach. However, Winter was unable to achieve impressive results in practice. Nevertheless, he was a good theorist who could get out a message to the coach. He got into the Hall of Fame as a basketball theoretic.

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