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PSG Failed to Appreciate Coman’s Talent. Now They Regret It.

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The trainee of Paris Saint-Germain broke the club’s dream about the Europen Cup. PSG failed to appreciate Coman’s talent at one time, but now everything that happened in the Champions League final is reminiscent of the movie plot.

Dramatic Final

Kingsley Coman, ex-player of PSG, scored Bayern’s victorious goal against PSG in the Champions League final. If you have not watched it so far, just imagine how he heads a goal and raises the Champions Cup over his head after the final whistle.

When the starting line-ups for the final appeared, there were doubts that Hans-Dieter Flick had made the right choice. Coman, of course, had enough speed, but he could have problems in pressing.

The player himself says that he has not played for PSG for six years already, and there are no more than two of his teammates left. Coman believes that his previous team has already transformed beyond recognition. That is why he does not feel much about this

He Is Used to Winning

In February 2013, Coman was the youngest debutant in PSG history, appearing at the age of 16 years, eight months and four days. However, in 2014 he left for Juventus as a free agent. Then Kingsley argued that the Parisian club treated him unfairly, as they did not let him be in the player base.

In general, Coman is a unique player in his own way. The trophies stick to his hands. By the age of 24, the winger had already won 20 tournaments!

Today Coman is not a hero of Paris, but Munich. Although a year and a half ago, he was seriously discussing that he could give up on soccer! Coman was so tired of the injuries. Fortunately, that did not happen. Perhaps it is for the best that PSG failed to appreciate Coman`s talent. Otherwise, the 2019/2020 Champions League final would not have had a cinematic plot.

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