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Battle Royale as a flagman of online gaming today.

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Battle Royale has become one of the most popular genres in online gaming today. It combines two main things making any game an online-gaming masterpiece – simplicity, and a sense of competition. Think of it as the love child of survival games and last-man-standing games.

What is it?

Its own name – Battle Royale, says all about how gameplay look. Simply put, a huge number of players (up to 100) appear inside the restricted zone, full of ammunition, equipment, and medical supplies. At first, players have the whole map available, but it starts to squeeze into a circle and keeps thinning as time runs out. The winner is the player or team that outlived all the rivals


Battle Royale as the genre originates from the Koushun Takami’s novel of the very same name from 1999, and a film made in 2000, in which the high schoolers were killed one another until the only person survived. Sounds horrifying at first, but the games had their eyes on the concept.

The Battle Royals appeared on the Big Screen again in 2012 as the main theme as a central idea of the Hunger Games franchise widely loved among the youth. The first game ever bouncing off the idea from the big screen was Minecraft. Then it was DayZ – a mod for ARMA 2 which has also added an element of dangerous surroundings embodied in the zombie hordes hunting for unfortunate players.

There also were several mods for ARMA, but the first-ever independent and successful battle royal was a creation of Brandon Greene, also known as “PlayerUnknown”. Were sure you know what game it was. Main representatives Player Unknows Battlegrounds (PUBG), released in 2017. This is the first-ever and still one of the most popular battle royals. Pros are several maps with different landscapes, realistic gameplay, and tons of ways to eliminate the adversary. The main con – bugs and technical issues, which are fortunately being fixed now.

Fortnite Battle Royale (2017) grew its popularity a bit later than PUBG. The main distinction is a building system and a bit more active gameplay. Graphics are much less realistic and more cartoon-like. Fun and simple gameplay made the game highly appreciated among the youth.

Apex Legends (2019) is the freshest representative so far. Respawn Entertainment place emphasis on the active gameplay and teamwork. The main distinction is unique characters with special abilities that make gameplay even more variable. Entourage is more of a high-tech in the style of some Titan Fall.

Battlefield, Call of Duty, Warface, and similar also have battle royale regimes and they’re also on top, albeit they can’t compete with those three in terms of popularity over time, but they still are high on the list.

CS: GO, DOTA 2, GTA 5: Online, and others have also tried to do something similar but none of them managed to outplay those three mainstream battle royales.


The Battle Royale genre is in its prime now and still keeps us interested in the new products appearing each year. We can certainly say that there are no better games to play among friends than some PUBG or other battle royals depending on your tastes.

Do you like to play PUBG?

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