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Russell Westbrook earns $ 79,750 for one Instagram post

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Russell Westbrook will earn -56.5 million dollars including advertising revenue in the 19/20 season according to Forbes. Аor one sponsorship post on Instagram, he earns $ 79,750! That kind of income makes Russell one of the highest-paid NBA basketball players. So where does this MVP spend his money?

We will continue our weekly section on the money of famous NBA basketball players. Last time it was about Kevin Durant, who invest in Silicon Valley. Today is Russell Westbrook’s turn.

Usually, Russell spends his money on his family. He bought a house in Los Angeles for $ 4.65 million, he has a car, a new model iPhone, but the main passion of the basketball player is fashion. Fashion and charity, the main items in Westbrook’s financial statement.

Everyone knows the Houston star as a “style icon.” He received this recognition not only among basketball players but also among the elite of the fashion world. He only puts his clothes on once, then just gives them away. His interest (and influence) in fashion has led to collaborations with Nike, and Barney’s New York, as well as collaborations with Rizzoli, called Russell Westbrook: Drivers Style. The sportsman has also received a great deal of love over the years from Vogue, GQ, The New York Times, and many other fashion magazines. The obvious next step was the launch of his fashion brand in 2017. The brand name is Honor The Gift, “a brand of faith in yourself and dedication to honor the gift it has given you.”

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Russell received the NBA Award for being active in charity projects. His charitable organization Why Not Foundation, which he founded in 2012, is actively helping underprivileged families. Each year in Oklahoma, there are organized reading classes at different schools where Westbrook himself comes. He also donated his home university $ 1 million, where a new sports complex was built and named after him. This donation is one of the largest in the history of the university.

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