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The Chiefs Continue Handing Out Super Contracts to the Stars.

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The pandemic is all over the world, the NFL is waiting for a hit on incomes and a cut in the salary ceiling. Only the Kansas City Chiefs continue handing out super contracts to the stars and signing their top players one by one for serious money. How do they do it?

It’s simple to explain. The players themselves are interested in playing together and winning. For that, they are ready to meet the club halfway. Chris Jones and Travis Kelce, for example, ditched signing bonuses.

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Kelce’s new contract means that he will remain with the team for another six years, as he had two years left according to the previous agreement. His fresh contract provides for 57 million in 4 years. Besides, there are no bonuses: only 9.25 million in 2020, 13.25 million in 2021, 7.5 million in 2022, 13.25 million in 2023, 15 million in 2014, and 17.25 million in 2025. It turns out that over the next three years, Kelce will receive 30 million, after which the club will play it by ear whether to keep him on the squad. Travis himself considered that if something happened, the contract could be revised.

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That is all thanks to Mahomes. One can toot one’s own horn that the Kansas City quarterback is signing up for half a billion dollars. In fact, in the coming years, his contract will be very lucrative for the Chiefs and will allow management to build a great team around him. However, Patrick is very modest, and unlike the Chiefs who continue handing out super-contracts to the stars, he once said: “Let’s cut costs to the bone to build a dynasty.” And the partners followed him.

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