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The distribution of throws.

The distribution of throws.
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Now there is talk of throwing efficiency everywhere. Today we are going to talk about the distribution of throws within our weekly section The Empire of the NBA numbers.

The idea of efficiency is much broader. It was never a “throw only three-point”. It was always “throw a layup, three-point (preferably from a corner) and try to earn penalties.” It’s just a matter of mathematics. Because some attempts are more useful than others. An average of three points from a corner brings more points for a throw than a three-point for 45. Layup promises more points for a throw than a floater. The three-pointed for ahead brings more points than the far-middle. A pair of free throws bring more points than any throw from the game except the dunks (but if you count all the throws from under the ring, then their realization is lower than in free throws).

Therefore, teams try to get to the fatty spots in the attack and defend themselves so as not to give the opponent a profitable throw. And it gives a new look at the throws card – making it a measure of success. Because the accents are now so pronounced that the ability to get on the right throws is already a victory. A large number of attempts from advantageous positions mean that you generate opportunities for “right” shots, even though any opponent knows: they should try to prevent it.

Of course, a set of players does not always make the most of a situation. Chicago is the first in the NBA to shoot from under the ring, but the last in the inaccuracy of these attempts. Golden State rarely allows an opponent to throws from under the ring but misses everything from that position. Minnesota throws a lot of three-pointers, but rarely do they hit the target (maybe that’s why opponents allow them to throw so easily).

Therefore, the distribution of throws by distance and accuracy in each category is one of the measures of team evaluation on both halves. This can be used as a kind of “amendment on luck”. If the team takes “detrimental throws” then the team does not have a too high a realization. If the team gives the opponent do good throws, and they hit the target, then sooner or later it will end.

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