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The most expected MMA bouts in 2020.

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2020 has started as a very promising year for the MMA. Of course, international fighters are suffering from the restrictions caused by the coronavirus. Below are the most expected MMA bouts in 2020.

Nunes vs Shevchenko 3

MMA bouts in 2020.
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Of course, this fight doesn`t seem quite tempting at first glance. It`s mainly because two previous fights between these fighters were in favor of Amanda Nunes. Even though, fans are still waiting for a trilogy, especially after their very close 2nd fight. Many people believe that Shevchenko won that one. Perhaps, only the third fight will show the best between these two brilliant female fighters. Shevchenko looks really confident and determined to win this time.

Khabib vs Ferguson

MMA bouts in 2020.
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Many people believe that the bout between these two lightweights is cursed. Although fans from all over the globe looked forward to this fight, they literally gave up seeing it after it was canceled for the 5th time. Tony is going to fight Justin Gaethje on UFC 249 while Khabib remains in Russia unable to travel to the USA due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Fierce fighting between them, yet again, took place only on Twitter.

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McGregor vs Khabib 2

MMA bouts in 2020.
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Cancellation of his fight with Tony Ferguson might be really profitable for Khabib. Even though he can`t leave Russia now, one of the most expected bouts for him will be one with Conor McGregor. Their last fight caused a lot of controversies and there`s only one chance for Khabib to prove that he`s the best lightweight in the world. His rematch with McGregor is not only desirable but can quiet any disputes and put all of Khabib`s haters in their places. Conor declared a desire to fight anyone this year and most likely it will be Jorge Masvidal who has defended Nate Diaz at his latest matchup. A fight between two bright strikers in the MMA is going to be spectacular and unpredictable.

Cormier vs Miocic 3

MMA bouts in 2020.
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This fight promises to be legendary not only because it`ll be closing the trilogy between two of the most spectacular heavyweights in UFC. The 3rd bout with Stipe Miocic is likely to be the last fight for Daniel Cormier in UFC before retirement. Both sportsmen have suffered injuries on their way to the trilogy but this fight, if nothing stops it, is going to become one of the greatest in the heavyweight division. This fight promises to be legendary not only because it`ll be closing the trilogy between two of the most spectacular heavyweights in UFC. Cormier states that he`s in good shape as he waits for Stipe’s full recovery.


To sum up, we`ve put different matchups on this list. The most expected MMA bouts aren`t likely to happen at all, some of them are already scheduled. Despite all this, each of these fights is expected by MMA fans. We shall see what happens during the year, but any of these fights, if they do happen, will shake the MMA community. The two trilogies mentioned above are very likely to happen. Shevchenko expressed her interest in the 3rd fight with Nunes, the same as Daniel Cormier, who firmly believes, that closing his trilogy with Stipe Miocic will be a perfect ending to his fascinating career. Not to mention a possible fight between McGregor and Masvidal that is going to be one more breathtaking event in MMA history.

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