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The most horrible soccer players’ injuries.

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Soccer is a contact sport. In the chase of a victory, the players may collide and that will lead to unfortunate accidents. Some injuries can influence a player`s physical conditions and affect his future career while others can be a severe threat to health or even cost a life in some cases. The most horrible soccer players’ injuries bellow.

Blood for blood

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The reason for this trauma is a feud. Roy Kin and Alf Holland met in 1997 during the match of Leads against Manchester United. Due to Holland`s tough foot sweep Kin tore his cruciate ligaments. More than that, the Norwegian called him a faker. Kin held a grudge and avenged it in 2001. He stormed right to Holland and crushed his knee with a devastating undercut. Kin bent down to the crushed opponent and said to him – never call me a faker again. Holland has never recovered from that knee injury.

Eduardo da Silva’s swinging leg

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Arsenal fans still remember this as one of the most horrific injuries in soccer history. Da Silva was thrown to the ground by Martin Taylor and his ankle was broken into two pieces. The sight was so dreadful that the replay was never shown on TV to spare the faint-hearted. Taylor has commented that the move was unintentional but numerous Arsenal fans remember the brief smile on Taylor`s face right after Da Silva`s fall. Eduardo returned to the field a year later, but his career was never the same.

Serhiy Perkhun’s demise

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This tragic story was the first case of the Russian Premier League when a player died as a result of an in-field injury. Serhiy Perkhun was a promising Ukrainian goalkeeper. During the match of FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk against Anzhi Makhachkala, Perkhun had an accidental head collision with his opponent from Russia named Budun Budunov. The Anzhi player managed to recover but Perkhun died nine days later in a hospital from a brain hemorrhage.


As you have seen, the reason for trauma can be different. It can be malice, it can be revenge or it can be an accident. The outcome can also be different. Some injuries lead to the efficiency decrease or retirement, whilst one unfortunate coincidence can lead to irreparable consequences.

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