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3 times when showing-off didn’t work out.

3 times when showing-off didn`t work out
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Mixed Martial Arts are full of violence and testosterone. Trueborn killers are gathering to show that they are capable of killing or being killed. Self-confidence is not the last thing in becoming a winner, but there are a few cases when a put-on certainty and showing off played a dirty trick for a fighter and cost him a victory. 3 times when showing-off didn`t work out.

Anzor Azhiev vs. Vaso Bakočević

The preparation for this fight was so intense that it went viral and drew incredible attention to KSW promotion. Bakočević was also called “Psychopath” for his crazy behavior and the total disrespect of the opponent.

The confrontation finally ended in the octagon during KSW 33 tournament in Cracow. A 3-round beating and an arm-triangle choke seemed to cool Bakočević a little bit. In the end, he must have realized that showing-off is not all you need for a victory.

Venom`s been caught

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Michael “Venom” Page holds an incredible record of 17 wins and 1 loss. He`s now a Bellator star but lots of MMA fans still believe that his opponents were just low-level sacks. His only loss against Douglas Lima perfectly illustrates what happens when a blowhard meets an up-scale puncher.

Page`s usual acting up didn`t work out during Bellator 221. At the beginning of the 2nd round Page was stunned by the low-kick and an immediate uppercut which lead to a spectacular knockout. MMA fans are still eager to see Venom in the UFC. Many of them believe that story with that devastating knockout will repeat if Venom doesn`t stop showing off.

Cocky acting and a hospital bed

Many MMA fans might know this fight as something like “tattooed MMA guy gets punished”. It truth it was the fight of Ben Nguyen vs Julian Wallace. There was a lot of disrespect towards the young guy Ben Nguyen. The viral video when Wallace was putting his fist against Ben`s chin to intimidate him. It didn`t go as the tattoo guy anticipated. Ben Nguyen wasn`t much of a talker but he`s a talented fighter and he stood for himself by knocking off Wallace in the 25th second of the 1st round.


Three of these examples have shown us that in MMA the skills are first and foremost. How you behave before the match and how much confidence you show matters nothing when you can`t stand behind your words in the octagon.

Which of these fights have you watched? Which one did you like the most? Share your impressions with us.

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