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Dallas Has Been Fortunate Enough to Pick CeeDee Lamb in the Draft. In What Way Will He Be Useful To the Team?

Dec 7, 2019; Arlington, TX, USA; Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (2) reacts during the first quarter against the Baylor Bears in the 2019 Big 12 Championship Game at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
CeeDee Lamb
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After the Cowboys managed to “steal” the Oklahoma Sooners former receiver at the 2020 draft, the entire NFL football industry was extremely agitated.  In what way will CeeDee Lamb be useful to the team?

The Cowboys Had Lady Luck on Their Side

No one expected CeeDee Lamb to remain free when it would be Dallas’s turn. Most experts had predicted the NSAA star receiver to be picked in the top ten of the first round. The Cowboys, who were in 17th place to pick, could not imagine Lamb in the uniform of their team, even in their wildest dreams.

However, Lamb remained free during the first part of the draft. Dallas opted for an attack, that is, Lamb, sacrificing some cool pass-rushers. But now, the team with Lamb, can rightfully be considered the strongest in the NFL.

How CeeDee Lamb Could Affect the Tactics?

The appearance of the giant Lamb (his height is almost 6′ 3″) can have a lot of advantages. Lamb is used to playing from a slot – seven of his fourteen touchdowns were scored from this position in the 2019 season.

Thus CeeDee Lamb playing for Dallas will be able to get more playing time on long-distance routes, where he will surely demonstrate his outstanding skills. An additional effect of using Lamb’s talent is that his versatility allows the entire line of attack to be more flexible. By the way, last season, he showed good results. Lamb broke through the defensive line 26 times when catching the ball 62 times, which resulted in a breathtaking 11 yards passed by him. That is why the season promises to be bright for him.

Can CeeDee Lamb help Dallas? What do you think?

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