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Why is Newton still unemployed?

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Carolina’s former quarterback celebrated his 31st birthday at home for the first time, not with his teammates. There are several reasons for this. In this article, we’ll explain why Cam Newton is still unemployed and why this situation is not fair.

The reasons why the quarterback is unemployed are many, they are complex, multi-layered, but ultimately illogical:

1. Everyone knows the fact that American football is one of the most traumatic sports. But Cam is more traumatic than other players. He finished the last two seasons on the injured list. He tried to cope with one of the injuries (his shoulder), the other (his leg) limited his potential, and eventually, the Panthers fired the quarterback.

2. Due to unusual cases related to the pandemic, no team could invite Newton to train to make sure that the player has recovered from his injuries.

3. All NFL teams have, in their view, a more successful option under the center, the player in whom they have invested their draft capital or on whom they have spent a significant part of their Salary Capital. They don’t want to take risks by making changes to the roster.

Newton is a reliable player. Excluding the last two seasons, he missed just five games before suffering that leg injury. He regularly received serious hits, but always got up and continued to play, including an interception. During his career, he earned 58 touchdowns with feet and is rated sixth among all active players, not only among the quarterbacks. Therefore, it is more than unfair that with such sporting achievements, the player was left out of the game!

The first serious medical examination will show that Newton is healthy and ready to play. Therefore, in our opinion, all Newton needs is time. If it doesn’t sound contradictory, many quarterbacks, who are predicted to play the role of starter in April-May, will surrender the positions by August-September, and Cam will be in demand again. All he needs is to stay healthy and keep fit, then he will get his chance.

Do you like Newton? What do you think about the situation which has happened to him?

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