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For the First Time in NBA History, a woman can become a head coach.

woman can become a head coach
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The New York Knicks is considering Becky Hammon for the head coach position. Is it really, that a woman can become the head coach for the first time in the NBA?

What is the NBA’s attitude about it?

Earlier, Adam Silver expressed his approval of such a course of events, “To train teams you do not need to be very strong physically. Moreover, you do not need to jump above the other players. That’s why I don’t see any obstacles for a woman to take up such a post in one of the NBA teams one day.”

What is Going on Now in the Knicks?

The team management has been looking for a new professional for more than six months while the duties of a mentor are temporarily performed by Mike Miller, whose predecessor was David Fizdale. Interestingly he was hired only at the end of 2019. In 2014, Hammon became the first female assistant coach. She has been working along with Gregg Popovic for the San Antonio Spurs.

Becky Hammon, Who Is She?

Becky has loved basketball since she was a child. Since 2003, she has not only established herself in the position of starting point guard but also played in her first NBA All-Star Game. In total, as a player, Hammon participated in the Women’s NBA All-Star Game six times. In 2011, the league included Becky among the 15 best basketball players in the women’s NBA. Thus, it will be a historic event, if the New York Knicks approve her candidacy. So far, it is not known how the players themselves will react to this.

Nevertheless, the team management has not decided yet on the candidacy of the coach.

Indeed, many women do an excellent job working as a coach for a men’s team. For example, 33-year-old Maha Janoude is the coach of a soccer team from Damascus. Another example is Natalie Henderson. She coaches an EPL team, the Newcastle United FC, which consists of boys below the age of 12.  Maybe, one of these women can be Becky Hammon. We’ll see!

What do you think about Becky Hammon? Will she be able to train successfully?

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What do you think?


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