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The very strong-willed NBA team. The Nuggets and their ambitions for the playoffs.

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The combination of numbers “3-1” concerning the NBA playoffs has a cult meaning. The team, which is winning back in the playoffs from a 1-3 gap, is different for a strong will to win (this is still the main indicator of a comeback since no one has recouped from 0-3 yet). The Nuggets are a prime example of this will to win this season. Today we’ll talk about Denver’s ambitions for the playoffs.

In total, there were 11 stories in the NBA before the 2020 playoffs, when someone recouped from 1-3. Denver has made the 12th such comeback.

In the first round, the Nuggets had already driven themselves into a pit against Utah. It was necessary to win three games in a row so that one of the best teams in the West at the end of the regular season would not be humiliated by a weaker one at the start of the playoffs.

The Nuggets two days after the fight with “Utah” had to play the “Clippers”, one of the favorites of the season, and expectedly lost the first match with a crushing score. They have leveled the series in the second game, but then conceded twice Kawhi has blocked shots, and rookie “Denver” Michael Porter publicly angered, and here Denver again was on the brink of relegation.

But the Nuggets beat the Clippers in knockout games, and thanks to Porter, we learned that public criticism of coaches and teammates is sometimes not so bad, especially if it leads to decisive shots.

The fact is that teams that can fly out of the playoffs must arrive at the game with all their belongings, which they brought to the campus – if they finish participating in the playoffs, they immediately leave the stadium on a command bus from Disney World, leaving the “bubble”. “Denver” was sitting on suitcases. But the will to win made the players go ahead!

Five wins in elimination games (when the team ends the season if they lose) in one playoff draw! The record is six such victories, and it belongs to … the Denver Nuggets. In 1994, the team with Dikembe Mutombo knocked out regular-season leader Seattle in the first round, losing 0-2 in the streak to three wins, and after that famous comeback evened the score with Utah.

The current Nuggets will have a chance to catch up with and even surpass the legendary underdogs – 94, becoming the first team to win twice with 1-3. It’s difficult, of course. But now we can believe in any miracle from “Denver”!

What is your prediction for the Nuggets? Share with us in the comments.

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