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TOP-3 best coaches according to Who are they?

TOP-3 best coaches
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The official website of the NHL has presented a ranking of the best coaches who will take part in the playoffs. The Stanley Cup qualifiers start on August 1st.

Twelve contributors took part in the vote, each naming 16 specialists. Points were awarded according to the scheme from 16 (for the first place) to 1 (for the 16th).

Pittsburgh coach Mike Sullivan topped the list (166 points).

TOP-3 best coaches
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Second place went to Joel Quenneville of Florida (160 points).

TOP-3 best coaches
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The third was Barry Trotz of the Islanders (152 points).

TOP-3 best coaches
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Although the Pittsburgh coach comes first, he shouldn’t be relaxing. “Pittsburgh” – the team is very cool, and there you need to shoot in the playoffs. Sullivan succeeded earlier, we all remember how he immediately took the Stanley Cup.

Quenneville’s players say that their coach deservedly ended up in the top 3. “It’s a pleasure to work with him. We’ve learned a lot from him. He always knows what to do to get results. He’s a good coach!” – said the players from Florida.

Barry Trotz is the perfect marathon runner. He was already on the preliminary list to win the Jake Adams Award for half a season. He is now in the top three award nominee of the prestigious award. His first salary was $ 1,000 a month, he lived with his parents and earned money by selling suits. It’s funny to look back on that now that he is the New York Islanders coach, Cup winner, Jack Adams trophy winner and fifth coach in NHL history with 1,524 wins.

We will find out the name of the winner very soon. All candidates are worthy of victory. Our editorial team admits that Mike Sullivan will win, but we will be rooting for the worthy coach Joel Quenneville.

Which of these coaches will winner for your opinion?

What do you think?


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