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How the NHL Will Hold the Competition for the Stanley Cup Trophy.

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The NHL has finally begun to develop a concrete plan of the resumption of the season this summer. Pierre LeBrun, a popular North American columnist for TSN, said that the NHL and the NHLPA had finally come to a common conclusion about the upcoming competition for the Stanley Cup Trophy. The format provides 24 teams that will qualify for the playoffs.

How Will They Play?

Now there is no need to finish the regular season, as 24 teams qualify for the playoffs. Thus, the 2019/2020 Season will go down in history as a season in which teams played an unequal number of matches (from 71 to 68).

LeBrun also reports that a preliminary qualifying round may be held. Also, he believes that this is not all the difficulties they are likely to face. For example, European players have to quarantine for two weeks. It is necessary to take this factor into account when preparing teams for games.

Where Will They Hold the Competition for the Stanley Cup Trophy?

The example of the German Bundesliga has already shown that the games without spectators, although deprived of the necessary atmosphere, are, nevertheless, of great interest. In this regard, the NHL continues to explore the issue of organizing so-called hockey hubs in several cities, where league clubs would be based on a geographical principle.

With a high degree of probability, at least one of these cities will be a city in Canada, because the names of Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary were mentioned. Canada has suffered less from the coronavirus and hasn’t had such difficulties as in California or New York previously.

In addition to it, Las Vegas also offered its services being ready to allocate several hotels and even create a kind of comfortable neighborhood, where everything will be safe for the players. 

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