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Damian Lillard: NBA superstar who became a rapper.

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Today, as part of our weekly section, we will talk about a basketball player who is ready to combine two incompatible things in his life: Basketball and rap. And to spend money on such an unusual combination. Damian Lillard is an NBA basketball player who dreams of an MVP and a Grammy at the same time …

$ 29.8 million, that’s the salary of a playmaker for Portland. Hmmm. If you count a little, this player earns $ 2.48 million a month! And this is not for nothing, because he and his team reached the final of the conference. And his advertising earnings are $ 13 million a year. Lillard has signed a deal with Adidas shoes, whose branded shoe line is among the best sellers in the NBA.

But Lillard can compete with Giannis in the moderation spend of the money earned. According to Dame Dolla himself, such modesty is related to the type of education in the families of the state where he comes from. “I like cars, but I don’t have dozens of them. I have four of them. (Cadillac Escalade worth $ 94,295, Bentley Continental worth $ 225,000). I like big houses and I have good things in my house, so I got a good house. But I don’t have good houses. I have one good house (a house in Lake Oswego in Oregon worth 6.65 million dollars). I like to ride on the water, so I have a few hydro cycles. It’s just such simple things. But I’m not like, “Okay, I just signed a supermax contract, let’s just buy a lot of shit.”

What Lillard is willing to spend his money on is music. Lillard is a novice rapper with three studio albums, he even recorded a song with Shaquille O’Neal.

At first, for Dame Doll, music was like summer work, he recorded songs in the off-season. But later, the sportsman realized that he wanted to invest in his music career. That’s why Lillard paid for the recording of the first music videos from his pocket. For the time being, such musical activity does not bring the sportsman income, because he mostly performs for free. But money is not his top priority. «I wanna be MVP. I want a Grammy ’” – the basketball player shares his plans.

Well, we wish you success in achieving your goal. We support you, bro!

Do you like Dame Dolla? Is he better in basketball or music? Write your opinion in the comments.

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