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Top 3 Deep Passers in the NFL.

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Throughout the history of the NFL, the development of tactics has shifted from runs to deep passes. These days, we are privileged to witness the most talented players utilize creative strategies to make the pass go through. But which of the passers delivers the most extraordinary athletic performance? Read about the top 3 deep passers in the NFL below.

Dak Prescott 

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This Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback might not be what you expect, but the metrics we use show that he is among the best passers in the league. Why? His pass completion expectations are at 31%, while the reality is a whopping 44.4%. 

Dak doesn’t just outperform expectations, he leaves them sitting in the dust. Given that he isn’t playing for the most accomplished team (at least as of recent), Prescott makes the best of what he has.

Russell Wilson

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The second player among the top 3 Deep Passers in the NFL is Russell Wilson. Paired with Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf on the receiving end, he has been one of the most fruitful quarterbacks for several years now. In 2019, his expected completion rate was at 29.9%, while the actual numbers jumped to 42.7%. 

What’s most impressive is the target separation distance of just… 1.5 yards! Russell Wilson is the master of precision and smart play, which is why he firmly holds his second place in our list.

Patrick Mahomes

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The further we go, the better the surrounding teams. Patrick Mahomes, no doubt, is among the most gifted players playing right now, but he isn’t playing in isolation. His 12 deep-ball Super Bowl touchdowns are a true testament to that, plus the fact that more than 30% of his passes were targeting open players.

Mahomes boasts an impressive expectation of 36.5% and exceeds it to reach a total of 46.5%. Those aren’t the best numbers in our comparative context, but we still think that Mahomes would be on this list if he played for a less accomplished team.


Statistics aside, it’s always a pleasure to see a long pass find its target. It’s even more satisfying when the target is barely visible in a ‘crowded marketplace’. As long as the game continues producing talented quarterbacks, it’s sure to retain its fascinating allure.

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