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Top-class NHL free agent goalies.

NHL free agent
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There are just a few days left before the agency market opens. For this occasion, we’ve gathered the list of the NHL free agent high-class goalies that are quite likely to be transferred over the next months during the transfer market window.

Branden Holtby

NHL free agent
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The first one on our list is considered to be the Washington Capitals MVP during the 2019-20 season. Holtby is now facing not the best times in his career (3.11 GAA and .897 SV%), but he`s just turned 31 and still has some powder in that gun. He might look for new opportunities on the market – says Capitals GM Brian MacLellan. He has recently confirmed Holtby is going to a free agency soon, but they`ll be in touch with him anyways. Washington has got a rookie goaltender Ilya Samsonov (.913 SV%) that has joined the team, so it won`t be a problem for the Capitals to set Holtby free for a while.

Anton Khudobin

NHL free agent
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Another Russian is now moving us to the Stanley Cup finals, in which the Stars have met with the Tampa Bay Lightning and lost the championship to them with fierce competition. As for Khudobin, his save percentage has only been rising compared to the previous season in NJL (from .923 in 2019 to 930 in 2020). His market value is high as ever and it’s no surprise he`ll be joining the free agency market. During the post-match interview Anton looked kind of stressed out by the whole finals stuff and didn`t get any concrete info regarding being on the market on October 8, but if he does appear there, make no mistake all the extra-class teams would be glad to fight for him.

Corey Crawford

NHL free agent
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No negotiations were noticed regarding the contract extension between Crawford and the Chicago Blackhawks. As for his playing abilities, we can say a lot because of him the Blackhawks managed to upset the Oilers during the qualifiers. Unfortunately, Chicago couldn`t do more this summer, but it doesn`t mean Crawford with his record of 3.31 GAA and .907 SV$ won`t find a way to show what he`s got, in case negotiations with the Blackhawks team will never be the case.


The goalie market is surely going to be deep this season. It`s a sin not to mention Lehner, but the news just came up he`s staying with the Knight for five more years, but what now happens to their second goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury is another thing which we may discuss later as no news about this issue have come up.

Which of these NHL goalies do you like the most?

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