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Surprise for Doc Rivers. Everything you wanted to know about the firing of head coach for Clippers.

Doc Rivers
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It happened. Last Monday of September, the Clippers fired Doc Rivers, who coached the team for 7 years. Many fake reports about what happened immediately appeared on the Internet. Today we will tell you everything you wanted to know about the firing of the team’s head coach. Only facts!

Surprise for Doc

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer consulted with the Californian team’s key players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George before deciding to fire Doc Rivers as head coach, ESPN reported. According to the source, the words of the basketball players did not convince Ballmer, and he did not refuse to fire the 58-year-old specialist. It is noted that it was the owner of the Clippers who initiated the separation.

Although the Clippers finished their performances in the 19/20 season, losing to Denver in the 7th match of the second round of the playoffs (89: 104, 3-4). The Californian team lost the streak lead 3-1. And Rivers became the only coach in NBA history to lose three playoffs in a 3-1 lead. The decision of management was a surprise for him.

Insider Ryen Russillo revealed that Doc Rivers had hoped to remain as head coach of the Clippers. According to the Insider, the team had problems in the locker room, the leading players did not show leadership qualities.

“It came as a surprise to Doc. As I was told, he thought he was doing well. But it seems to me that the locker room was an even bigger problem than we thought. Kawhi has never been the type of leader who talks and is listened to, and Paul George is not respected by his teammates, ”said Russillo.

NBA champion and now ESPN expert Kendrick Perkins believes that the Clippers used Doc Rivers as a whipping-boy after losing to Denver. “Doc Rivers was fired because his superstars failed to win the streak, leading 3-1. It worries me that his bench has failed to prove itself. Doc deserves more anyway, “Perkins tweeted.

The game must go on

Although Rivers left the Clippers, the game must go on. According to several insiders, including Adrian Wojnarowski, Clippers assistant Tyrone Liu and ESPN expert Jeff Van Gundy are running for the vacant position. Liu led the Cavaliers to the 2016 league title. Van Gundy has a career win rate of 57.5 but hasn’t coached in the NBA since 2007.

And Doc Rivers will soon be interviewed at Philadelphia, according to The Athletic insider Shams Charania.

Is it bad that Rivers was fired from the Clippers?

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