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Spend $ 120 Million to Get a Headache. Barcelona Doesn’t Know What to Do with Griezmann.

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The opening match with Villarreal was marked for Griezmann by a failure. One cannot make predictions about how the season for Antoine may turn out only by one official game though. However, there are preconditions that this year he will have problems as well. By the way, it seems Koeman and Barcelona don’t know what to do with Griezmann.

Poor Statistics

It’s no secret that Griezmann plays rather poorly with Barcelona compared to his performances with Atlético. Let’s take a closer look at the statistics.
Griezmann averaged every 284 minutes last season. In Atlético, the Frenchman scored goals almost twice as often – every 152 minutes.

The situation is similar with assists. In the last two seasons with Atlético, the Frenchman had 9 assists per league. The last season he assisted with Barcelona only four times, though.

Failures of the Management and Coaching Staff.

After the 2018/2019 season, Barcelona needed an update in attacks.
What did Barcelona’s management do? They bought a player for $120 million who played for Atletico as the second striker in a 4-4-2 formation. What did the coaching staff do? Put him, left-handed, on the left flank of the attack, where he has not played for at least six years. Thus, it is not clear what Barecola expected from this transfer. As a result, Griezmann had a bad season – 15 goals and 4 assists in 48 games

Why Did it Happen?

First, Barcelona does not have a player with whom Griezmann could effectively play in pairs. There was Suarez, but they got rid of him. Secondly, if Messi is alive and well, Antoine can be used only on the flank or as a forward. However, he failed to do his best there.
Most likely, Barcelona does not know what to do with Griezmann. Who knows, maybe this time everything will work out for Griezmann. But doubts remain.

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