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Who will win the NBA Conference Finals?

NBA Conference Finals
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This is the most interesting moment in this NBA season. When the suspended season was renewed on July 31, there were 22 teams overall. Now, there are only four of them left from each NBA conference. How is that going to work out? Let’s take a look.

Eastern Conference

In the East, the Miami Heats are facing the Boston Celtics. Both have impressive wins on their records. The Heats defeated the Indiana Pacers and the first-seeders Milwaukee Bucks. Celtics, in turn, have moved out of the way the Philadelphia 76ers and defending champions of the previous year the Toronto Raptors. An interesting fact is that each team in the current conference finals didn`t make it to the previous year’s finals.

Both teams have more than enough talents in their arsenal. As for the odds, they were at first on the side of the Celtics, but now there`s been four games streamed through ESPN, watching which the Heats fans can feel delighted, considering the fact that the Miami team wins 3-1. The next games are taking place on September 25 and 27. Well, the Heats must have found a way to counter the tremendous tandem of Tatum and Brown.

Western Conference

Here we see another wondering picture. The Los Angeles Lakers are playing against 3rd-seeders the Denver Nuggets. The score is also 3-1 and there are 3 more games to taking place on September 26, 28, and 30. All the games are going to be streamed through TNT.

It was a good portion of luck for the Nuggets to climb to the conference finals, but their odds to respond to the Lakers are unfavorable. You can never undervalue the power of fortune but it`s unlikely to help the Nuggets this time.

The playoff winners odds

Despite there are 3 more games to go for each conference, favorites from each are already determined. Who will win the playoff final then? According to most of the predictions we`ve observed in the media, no one is going to bet against LeBron James, DeMarcus Cousins, and Anthony Davis.


That’s what the odds look like. The chances of a miracle happening are tiny but it would be fun if all of our predictions become invalid in case the Celtics and the Nuggets do impossible and defeat each conference favorite. There’s no harm in dreaming.

Your prediction, who will win NBA conference final?

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