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Justin Verlander Retires from Baseball due to an Injury. Will He Come Back?

Justin Verlander
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There is sad news for fans of Justin Verlander. A few days ago, one of the most notable starters of the last 15 years announced on his Instagram page that he would have to undergo surgery. It turns out that Justin Verlander will retire from baseball due to an injury.

Sport Injury

Verlander, who has played just one game (6 innings) this season, was desperately preparing to return after a forearm sprain and hoped to help the Houston Astros. However, in one of the recent prep games, Justin suddenly got sick. A follow-up MRI revealed that Verlander had a problem requiring surgery, which means that the veteran will not only miss the rest of the current season but probably the whole next one also. We know now that Justin Verlander will retire from baseball due to an injury.

Verlander’s contract will be in effect until the end of the 2021 season, the pitcher is guaranteed $ 33 million.

Will He Come Back?

In his address to the fans, Verlander thanked everyone for the support and promised to return to big baseball. However, Verlander will be 39 years old by the time of his return. Thus, it should not be ruled out that the two-time Sai Yang winner, the most valuable player in the AL of the 2011 season, and a future member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, has already pitched for the last time. 

On the other hand, Verlander has been a very resilient pitcher throughout his career, and he only had one serious injury (a triceps strain in 2015), so Justin’s chances of a full recovery are not so small.

By the way, it became known that Tyler Thornburg also needs the operation to repair the collateral ligament of the elbow. Besides, it was revealed that Washington reliever Sam Freeman underwent a similar procedure in mid-August.

How do you feel about Verlander not being in baseball?

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