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Why May the Football Teams Fail to Open Stadiums even after the Quarantine Mitigation?

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In early May, the NFL sent instructions on the opening of the offices and training centers. At the same time, the differences in state laws may make it difficult for the football teams to open stadiums even after the quarantine mitigation.

The Final Decision Is Up to Local Authorities

“The league has created several working groups that are focused on developing protocols for football teams which include guidance on the way they should open training camps and hold games,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. This group is composed of the stadium experts, representatives of the security, and customer services. Together they work on different aspects of events. The main goal is to outline action programs that, as necessary and depending on the current situation, will be used by teams.

I Do not Know How Teams Should Carry Themselves under Given Conditions

The first game is scheduled for September 13th and will take place in Los Angeles, at the new SoFi Stadium. The Los Angeles Rams will take on the Dallas Cowboys. On the same day there are also other games in other cities such as New Orlean, Detroit, and Atlanta. The regular season ought to begin that day. However, no one knows if it will or won’t due to the current law.

For example, California Governor, where the most severe restrictive measures are imposed, Gavin Newsom said: “I don’t know how teams should carry themselves under given conditions, what will happen if one of the players or key personnel tests positive for COVID-19. What should happen to the rest of the team? Which players should be also isolated? “

James Rennes, director of sporting and entertainment events at JLL, is aware that they will face different restrictions in different states. “For example, at the moment, in Philadelphia, PA, there is a ban on meetings of more than 20 people,” he recalled. “In New York or Texas, the prohibitions are different. Certainly, everything can change, but now different states set different requirements for organizing mass gathering with which we must comply”.

Will you go to the stadium for a football game, if it opens in your state? Tell us in the comments.

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